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Mental Health – Not Just the Absence of Mental Disorders

By: Ashley
Most people think that mental health only applies to those people who have diagnosable mental disorders. The truth is ALL of us should be concerned about our mental health. It...

Perspectives on Mental Health Recovery

By: Ashley
If you have a chronic disease like heart attack or diabetes, you will have to live life with it. You will learn to adjust after each attack and would know...

What are Mental Health Jobs?

By: Ashley
Now that you’ve finished your medical degree, it’s time to find a job. In hospitals or medical facilities, nothing can be more difficult and demanding as mental health jobs. That...

Men and Depression

By: Ashley
Men and women suffer depression almost equally. Men, however, are taught that any need for help shows weakness. They are, however, at greater risk for depression-related illnesses and suicide because...

Loving Someone with Bipolar Disorder

By: Ashley
Giving unconditional love for bipolar disorder patients is a tough job. If you do not understand what is happening to your loved one, then you will have difficulty relating to...

Herbs That Help With Anxiety

By: Ashley
Anxiety disorders are the most common of all mental health disorders. Fortunately, anxiety disorder is highly treatable, and with professional help, it can often be completely overcome. Many times, successful...

Expressive Therapies in Mental Health

By: Ashley
Many people who are diagnosed with mental issues show an extreme liking for or talent in the creative arts. It only makes sense that some of the alternative treatments incorporate...

Exercise and Mental Health – Are There Connections

By: Ashley
We all know that exercise promotes healthier body and better sense of well-being. It boosts confidence for people who need newer self image while it prevents the aggravation of physical...

Elgin Mental Health Center – More Than Just a Psychiatric Facility

By: Ashley
If a friend or someone in the family is to be treated in a mental facility, we try to find the best facility for them. After all, the goal is...

Phobia vs. Fear – Is There A Difference?

By: Ashley
Everybody has fears. We fear losing our jobs, our homes, our way of life. We may even be a little afraid of the dark or nervous when confronted with a...