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What is Mental Health – Key Concepts in Mental Health

By: Ashley
Definition Mental health is defined as a state or condition on which an individual feels a sense of well-being. This gives him or her the capacity to live life in...

What is Social Anxiety

By: Ashley
Social anxiety disorder symptoms can vary. Some individuals may only suffer from a specific fear such as eating or drinking, speaking, or writing if others are around or watching. Some...

The Types of Depression

By: Ashley
Depression can take many forms. Seasonal affective disorder, clinical depression, and bipolar depression and postpartum depression are all commonly diagnosed types of depression. Conditions such as substance abuse or an...

The Most Common Obsessive-Compulsive Behaviors

By: Ashley
When people are obsessed at avoiding being dirty or contaminated, they frequently wash their hands and feet, clean and bathe their bodies. They do not feel comfortable about bodily waste...

Causes of Mental Health Disorders

By: Ashley
It is amazing how a lump of gray matter could manipulate all the systems in our body in the most systematic way possible with all the intricacies and complex functioning....

Overview of Mental Health Counseling

By: Ashley
Mental health counseling or clinical counseling is a practice in psychology that helps relieve psychological disorders or distress by promoting personal development. It also practices psychotherapy, consultation, forensic investigation specifically...

Alternative Mental Health Care Solutions

By: Ashley
A patient of psychological disorder would usually get his treatments through medication and services of a mental health institution or facilities. However, advocates of Complementary and Alternative Medicine believe that...

An Overview of the Mental Health Assessment

By: Ashley
Mental health assessment is conceived only through a series of tedious processes that will help identify all necessary details of the mental wellness of the person leading to a conclusive...

What is Social Anxiety Disorder?

By: Ashley
Social Anxiety Disorder (known as SAD, but not to be confused with Seasonal Affective Disorder) is an anxiety disorder that results in extreme shyness. It affects both men and women...

What Is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

By: Ashley
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a mental illness that falls into the category of anxiety disorders. While it comes in many different forms, the main symptoms of OCD are obsessive thoughts...