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Remembering the Terror

By: Ashley
A form of anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is sometimes formed after someone has experienced a very terrifying ordeal, usually where serious physical damage could or did occur to...

3 Major Focuses of Recovery for Optimized Mental Health

By: Ashley
Focus on the Individual The focus of recovery should be on the person or the individual and not the process of treatment. There is a constant shift in the manners...

What Effects Does Nutrition Have On Mental Health

By: Ashley
It has been an enduring belief that nutrition plays a significant role in the state of mental health of an individual. But is this true or not? Recent as well...

Anxiety Disorders & Medications

By: Ashley
We live in a fix-all society, where we are all programmed to think that problems can be fixed quickly and easily. This “have it all, now” mentally extends throughout our...

When Anxiety Strikes

By: Ashley
Panic attacks can be the bane of your existence, and can make being out and about in the world extremely daunting. Never knowing when – or why – an attack...

Conquering Fear – How To Fight Your Phobia

By: Ashley
The guide below is a brief, start up guide for those wishing to conquer their phobia (or phobias) once and for all. For ease of use, the fear of enclosed...

Terrors and Frights: Common (And Not So Common) Phobias

By: Ashley
A phobia is an extreme, fearful reaction to an object, animal, insect, feeling or circumstance – they are wide and varied, and often have no rational explanation. The vast majority...